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January 28, 2016 4 min read

Their are tons of super cool Rocky t-shirts on the market.  In fact, there are probably more cool Rocky T-Shirts that any other series of movie tee shirts.  With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away we thought we would pick 7 of the best Rocky t-shirts which would signify a touchdown and an extra point but after searching this became impossible so we decided 10 would be a good number of Rocky Tee Shirts.

When we began this search we were attempting to place these shirts in order with number 1 being the coolest Rocky T-Shirt, however with so many cool Rocky Shirts this became impossible.  So here is the list in no particular order.  Please note, we included Creed in this story.  Congrats to Sylvester Stallone for his Oscar nomination for Creed. So, comment below and tell us which Rocky TShirt is your favorite in our list.

1.  The Italian Stallion T-Shirt (Heather Edition)

In being snowed in this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to catch a Rocky movie marathon.  While watching Rocky III (i.e. The Clubber Lang movie) I realized how often you see The Italian Stallion logo.  The logo is on the robes, on signs, and even being sold by Paulie in Rocky's training facility.  This shirt has been around for awile now and is a staple in any Rocky fan's closet, however this version is the coolest.  Its printed on a soft black heather shirt which gives it the best look.  You can buy it here 

2.  Rocky Logo T-Shirt (Premium Edition)















Any Rocky T-Shirt fan would have to have at least one Rocky Logo t-shirt featuring the original logo from the 1976 movie.  We selected this Rocky Logo Tee Shirt because it was a premium version with vintage style look and feel.  You can grab it here

3.  Mighty Mick's Gym Tee Shirt

This classic Mighty Mick's Gym features an image of Rocky Balboa's trainer Mickey Goldmill (played by Burgess Meredith).  He ran the gym that Rocky trained at in Rocky I and II.  Cool distressed graphic on a sport gray shirt.  You can grab this shirt here

4.  Rocky vs. Clubber Poster T-Shirt 


This shirt belongs on the list if anything because it mentions the Philadelphia Spectrum.  While the once great arena was knocked down, it was a memorable arena and the Rocky fights took place here.  This shirt features the Heavyweight Poster of the match between Rocky and Clubber Lang from Rocky III.  Rocky got killed in the first match but came back to take out Clubber (Mr. T) in the rematch.  Grab it here.

5.  Rocky Colors Tee Shirt 

tThis cool charcoal vintage style tee shirt hits the list as the graphic is true to t-shirt graphics of the 70s and early 80s with repeating text.  If your from the era, you will remember the Baseball Baseball Baseball shirts that you can get ironed on at the local mall.  On this shirt the repeating text is simply Rocky Rocky Rocky in retro colors.  You can grab it here

 6.  Women Weaken Legs 

 The next two shirts on our list of Cool Rocky Tees are from quotes from Mickey, Rocky's trainer.  Both became legendary lines of the Rocky movies.  The first shirt features an image of Mickey with text Women Weaken Legs.  In the movie Mickey tried to have Rocky stay away from Adrian and his quote was Women Weaken Legs.  You can grab this shirt here

7.  You're a Bum T-Shirt

 Another Mick classic.  This was on of the first real great Rocky Tee Shirts to hit the market.  Just looking at Mickey's face on this shirt you can feel the tone of his voice from the movie when he called Rocky a Bum.  You can grab this Rocky Tee Shirt here.

 8.  Mighty Mick's Boxing Gym T-Shirt 

If you aren't familiar with this gym you haven't seen Creed.  If you haven't seen Creed, you need to go see Creed.  Never thought I would see another good new Rocky movie but Creed was good.  This was the gym that Apollo's son first trained at in Philadelphia. You can grab it here  

9.  Front Street Gym T-Shirt 

After getting little support at Mighty Mick's Gym, Rocky moved Apollo's son to Front Street Gym to train.  This no frill gym was the key to his success.  The becomes our second Creed Tee Shirt to make our list.  You can grab it here

10.  The Drago Shirt


The I Must Break You Rocky Tee Shirt features image of Ivan Drago.  Drago was Rocky's main opponent in Rocky IV.  He was also responsible for taking the life of Rocky's friend Apollo Creed.  Rocky went to the Soviet Union and trained hard and eventually took down the Russian Boxer.  You can grab it here

 This completes our first list of cool Rocky T-Shirts.  Feel free to comment on our selections and recommend other great Rocky Tees that you know of.

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