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May 08, 2017 1 min read

Fidget Spinner T-Shirts are here!  The hottest toy in the world is now on shirts for men, women, kids and babies.  Introducing our Fidget Spinner Legend Tee Shirt.  You may be sick of Fidget Spinners by now, but at least your child stopped playing with Slime.

The toys may be banned in many schools but you can wear them on your clothing worry free!

Did you ever wonder what's inside these things.  Well here you go 


Below are some images of our new classic tee shirt in action.  Click the image to go to the particular product.  We also carry the design on infant onesies.  

Pictured is our unisex Fidget Spinner Tee Shirt 

Fidget Spinner Tees

Pictured below is the Fidget Spinner Youth Tee Shirt 

Pictured below is our infant and toddler Fidget Spinner Legend Tee Shirt 

Enjoy and share your pics by tagging us on instagram with hashtag #generationt

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