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November 04, 2016 2 min read

Let's face it, not everyone likes the same t-shirt brand.  The bad news is, this makes it impossible for us to select a specific t-shirt brand to sell on the site.  While many of you love the heavier "traditional" 100% Cotton tees, many of your also hate them.  At the same time many of you love the softer, thiner, "premium" style tee shirts.  Of course, a ton of you also hate this "premium" tees.  As you can see, this causes an issue for us as we have no idea which type to offer.

Now the good news!  We have decided to offer virtually every type of shirt style available.  This will allow you to find the design you want on whatever type of t-shirt you want it on.  In doing this prices will vary, but will give you the option to select your style and the price you want to pay for it.  While we understand this can cause many duplicate designs on different products on the site, we felt it was important to give you guys the option.

Unfortunately, many of our licensed tees strictly come on one brand of tee shirt and we cannot change that, but when available we will do our best to offer all types and styles.  

So as an example in this blog post you will see this awesome Philly Sports T-Shirt printed on an American Apparel Tee Shirt. Many of you love American Apparel and will only buy American Apparel so this will be for you.  Many of you don't want to spend the amount that this style tee brings on, so you will want to find the "tradional" version of this shirt on the site.

We encourage you to use the search box on the site and type the name of the design.  This will bring up all available product types.  Any questions feel free to contact us.  Happy T-Shirt shopping.  Go Birds!

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