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January 08, 2018 3 min read

In running a Philly themed apparel store specializing in Philly sports tees we encounter a ton of people who just flat out can't stand the area Cable TV providers (in other words Comcast and FIOS).  Unfortunately, due to President Trump's blunder with net neutrality your cable bill is only going to increase.  In fact, since we started writing this post, prices have gone up at Comcast.  

Over the last year we took the initiative to make some changes once our Comcast business bill went up about $120 (unless we sign a three year contract).  Not only has business pricing gone up, home Cable TV packages are just out of control.  If your like me and have a few TV in your homes, your likely paying between $250-300 for Cable TV and internet.  If a sports fan you probably watch your basic local stations, Comcast Sportsnet (or whatever it is called today) and likely one or two other cable stations like HBO and Showtime.  If you live with kids or a wife that aren't crazy sports fans you probably also need a few strange Cable TV channels like Nickelodeon, Lifetime and the Food Network.

Well we can finally say, we have found the perfect way to get you the perfect Cable TV like package for $105 dollars or less.  We just cut the cord like many others and I'm convinced to date we found the perfect package to please everyone in the family.

Here goes:

1.  YouTube Live TV ($35/month, 7 Day Free Trial) - The perfect service for your Philly Sports and Local ABC, NBC, FOX etc.  This is essential to cut the cord.  Please note: We are focussing on the Philly market but YouTube Live TV can do the same thing in several other cities and they are expanding.  In Philly you won't miss The Flyers, The Sixers, The Phillies or The Eagles.  This is live TV and the quality is great.  You can watch YouTube Live TV when you travel, on your phone, on your tablet and on your computer.  You can play it on any HDTV by using Apple Airplay, a Google Chromecast (by buying one or one built into your Smart TV) . Want to record and store the Flyers game?  No problem.  Each package comes with Cloud DVR with no storage limits.  Each account comes with 5 different logins so your entire family can store seperately.  

What else is great about YouTube Live TV?  

No contracts, a 7 day Free Trial, cancel at anytime.  You also get about 40 other stations including ESPN and The Disney Channel.  You can find more info about the service here

In researching the major players when it comes to Live TV streaming we found that they all were missing stations that someone in our family would miss.  There is Sling TV which had an a la carte package but it became expensive and the quality was just not that good.  Same thing goes for Hulu Live TV, Direct TV Now and several others.  All were just ok and all were missing something.  Then we discovered Set TV.  To make your entire family happy combine YouTube Live TV with Set TV.

2.  Set TV ($20 a month, 3 Day Free Trial) - While you won't get the local news or sports with Set TV, you will get everything else imaginable.  Set TV includes 500 plus Channels in HD Quality!  This will give you every imaginable Channel that you would have with Comcast and FIOS plus more for $20 a month.  Thousands of On Demand entertainment options are also included.  No contracts at all.  Includes all the Premium Channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz etc.  You can put it on an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV or if you have a SmartTV where you can download apps you can install it there.  It works with Android phones, Macbooks, and soon will be able to be casted from an iPhone.

To Summarize your bill will look like this:

Verizon Fios High Speed Internet (about $51 after taxes) or Comcast High Speed (about $80 after taxes).  Go with Fios if it's available where you are.

YouTube Live TV - $35 

Set TV - $20

Total Bill would be about $106 dollars a month.  For me this saved me $170 a month.  

If you need help with Firesticks we can assist you as well as there are many other services that can be put on the stick to get your more great entertainment. 

Click to learn more or To sign up for your free trial of SetTV 


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